Have you ever missed the latest movie by the director whose films you admire, a TV show starring your favorite actor, a recent album with a musician you love or a new book from the author whose work you enjoy? Well, we're about to change all that.

Entora is your one-stop entertainment source where you can follow all your favorite artists and keep up to date with all their work.

Just start following your favorite artists and browse releases in the neatly organized timelines grouped by media – movies, TV, music and books (coming soon). Similarly, you can follow TV shows and view recent and upcoming episodes.


At Entora, we've already made the connections between movies and soundtracks for you, as well as connected movies, that are part of collections, like the James Bond collection. The same applies to musicians with links to their bands.


We are encouraging to use Entora tools to help you organize newly discovered releases like marking as favorite, or storing for later. All marked items are stored in your personal profile under the My Entora menu in the top right corner of the screen. Feel free to share your profile with friends and show off your latest discoveries.


Entora is created by two IT guys, Kaspars and Reinis, eager entertainment enthusiasts. We started about 3 years ago with a wish to solve the problem of having to browse through tons of pages just to be up to date about all favorite artists’ new releases. We decided we need a site, where you can easily follow all your favorite artists and keep up-to-date on new releases without having to visit all those pages and remember which artists to check.

It turned out not to be an easy task and after more than 12 design versions, 5 frameworks, 2 programming languages and in spite of friends, who stopped believing that this project would ever see the light of day, here we are.

We really hope you’ll enjoy using Entora as much as we do.


Project received support from European Regional Development Fund.