The Great Divide (2005)
13 years ago Nov 21, 2005
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The Great Divide is the first solo album released by Scott Stapp in 2005, the then-former vocalist for Creed. The album came about after the original breakup of Creed and Stapp's collaboration on the original songs inspired by Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ. There is a common conception that the lyrics seem to make references to the original breakup of Creed in 2004. Although it was certified platinum in December 2005, only a month after its release, The

Great Divide has failed to sell as well as Creed's first three albums, which were all multi-platinum records. John Kurzweg, who produced all of Creed's albums (except their most recent, 2009's Full Circle), also produced The Great Divide. The album features a guest appearance from Scott Ian of Anthrax on "Hard Way". According to an interview with Stapp, the album is set to go two times platinum.

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1 Reach Out 4:25
2 Fight Song 4:05
3 Hard Way 3:42
4 Justify 5:23
5 Let Me Go 4:14
6 Surround Me 4:35
7 The Great Divide 4:00
8 Sublime 4:13
9 You Will Soar 3:39
10 Broken 4:17