Santiago (1996)
22 years ago Oct 1, 1996
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Santiago is an album by The Chieftains, released through RCA Records in 1996. The album is dedicated to traditional music of Galicia, the region in the northwest of Spain, and also adaptation of Galician emigrants' musical folklore in Latin American music, for example, in the music of Mexico and Cuba. As Paddy Moloney noted in the CD's booklet, Galicia is "the world's most undiscovered Celtic country". The album features collaborations with Carlos Núñez, Linda Ronstadt,

Los Lobos, Ry Cooder, Eliot Fisk, Richard Egües, Pancho Amat, Kepa Junkera (among others). In 1997, the album earned the group the Grammy Award for Best World Music Album.

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1 Txalaparta 1:17
2 Arku – Dantza / Arin‐Arin 4:21
3 El Besu (The Kiss) 2:19
4 Não vas ao mar, Toino (Don’t Go to the Sea, Toino) 2:02
5 Dum Paterfamilias / Ad Honorem 3:13
6 Dueling Chanters 2:53
7 Galician Overture 11:00
8 Guadalupe feat. Linda Ronstadt & Los Lobos 2:51
9 Minho Waltz 3:21
10 Setting Sail / Muineira de Frexido 3:25
11 Maneo 3:27
12 Santiago de Cuba 3:39
13 Galleguita / Tutankhamen 4:07
14 Tears of Stone 2:40
15 Dublin in Vigo 7:06