You Give Love a Bad Name (1987)
31 years ago 1987
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You Give Love a Bad Name is the third studio album by the transgressive American punk rock musician GG Allin, and is jointly credited to Allin and a one-time studio band named The Holy Men. Reissues credit the release mistakenly to GG Allin & The Criminal Quartet. The album was the first to fully mark a distinct change in his vocal tone, which by this time began to take on a slurred and gravelly characteristic, and increasing obsession with shock rock lyrical content. Read more at Wikipedia

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1 Swank Fuckin' 2:53
2 Bloody Mary's Bloody Cunt 3:26
3 Tough Fuckin' Shit 2:08
4 Suck Dog 2:50
5 Teenage Twats 3:29
6 Beer Picnic
7 Stink Finger Clit
8 Scars on My Body/Scabs on My Dick
9 Garbage Dump
Additional songs
10 I'm a Rapist 4:27
11 Watch Me Kill the Boston Girl
12 Castration Crucifixtion 2:06
13 Snakeman’s Dance
14 Slaughterhouse Deathcamp
15 Feces and Blood 3:41
16 Master Daddy 1:45
17 Interview From Prison 15:59