Warsaw (2003)
16 years ago Apr 21, 2003
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Warsaw was the planned debut album by the English post-punk band later known as Joy Division. Recorded in May 1978 it consisted of eleven tracks, however the band was disappointed by the post-production done by RCA producers and the album was scrapped. The album circulated on bootlegs bearing the same title until it was commercially released in 1994 (along with a number of other tracks). The original track listing included all four tracks from An Ideal for Living EP. The

commercial release included the original Warsaw album plus "As You Said" which was recorded and released in 1980 on the "Komakino" single, as well as the band's first recorded music, "The Warsaw Demo", songs from which were noted as 'bonus tracks'. Incidentally, Bernard Sumner sings the chorus in this album's version of "They Walked In Line".

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1 Leaders of Men Joy Division 2:22
2 They Walked in Line Joy Division 2:41
3 Failures Joy Division 2:30
4 Novelty Joy Division 3:50
5 No Love Lost Joy Division 4:51
6 Transmission Joy Division 4:16
7 Living in the Ice Age Joy Division 2:27
8 Interzone Joy Division 2:10
9 Warsaw Joy Division 2:13
10 Shadowplay Joy Division 4:02
Additional songs
11 The Drawback Joy Division 1:44
12 As You Said Joy Division 1:55
13 Inside the Line 2:45
14 Gutz 2:00
15 At a Later Date 3:15
16 The Kill 3:10
17 You're No Good for Me 2:02