Scraps is an album by the rock band NRBQ (New Rhythm and Blues Quartet), released in 1972 on Kama Sutra Records, which also released their next album, Workshop. It is the group's first album with guitarist/vocalist Al Anderson, who would remain with the band for over twenty years. Anderson replaced previous guitarist Ken Sheehan. Anderson was prohibited from singing lead vocals on the album due to an existing contract as a solo artist with Vanguard Records. Frankie

Gadler, the group's original vocalist, sings lead on most of the songs, although Joey Spampinato, credited as Jody St. Nicholas, sings on "Only You" featuring the use of a toy piano.

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1 Howard Johnson's Got His Ho-Jo Workin' 3:19
2 Magnet 3:29
3 Tragic Magic 1:51
4 Only You 2:45
5 Who Put the Garlic in the Glue? 2:01
6 Get a Grip 4:22
7 Boys in the City 2:29
8 New Tune 2:34
9 Sraps 4:06
10 It's Not So Bad 2:45
11 Do You Feel It? 2:52
12 Ain't It All Right? 2:24