This Is Where I Came In (2001)
18 years ago Apr 2, 2001
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This Is Where I Came In is the 23rd and final studio album released by the English band the Bee Gees. It was released on 24 April 2001 by Polydor in the UK and Universal in the US, just one year and 9 months before Maurice Gibb's death. It is the only album of all-new material released by them on the Universal Music label (which had acquired the rights to the group's releases on Polydor Records when they bought that label's parent PolyGram). The album peaked at No. 6 in

the UK, while the single, "This Is Where I Came In", reached No. 18. In the US, the album peaked at No. 16. The group appeared on the A&E concert series Live by Request in April 2001 to promote the new album.

The brothers saw the album as a return to the original Bee Gees formula. The album marked the fifth decade of recording for the band. It was one of the first Bee Gees albums to be re-released on Reprise Records in 2006, when the brothers regained the rights to all of their recordings.

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1 This Is Where I Came In 4:58
2 She Keeps on Coming 3:59
3 Sacred Trust 4:55
4 Wedding Day 4:44
5 Man in the Middle 4:22
6 Déjà Vu 4:21
7 Technicolor Dreams 3:07
8 Walking on Air 4:07
9 Loose Talk Costs Lives 4:22
10 Embrace 4:45
11 The Extra Mile 4:24
12 Voice in the Wilderness 4:38