I, Colossus (2008)
10 years ago Apr 22, 2008
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I, Colossus is the first studio album released by A Different Breed of Killer. It was released on April 29, 2008 by Rise Records, and produced by Jamie King. This album was released to lukewarm reviews. I, Colossus is a concept album about a man who was the subject of a genetic experiment gone wrong, and spends 20 years in solitude before emerging to wreak vengeance on his captors, and eventually, the world. Read more at Wikipedia

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1 Dawning 1:29
2 Liberation of a Giant 3:06
3 The Accidentist 3:13
4 I, Colossus 4:08
5 Autonomy 3:21
6 Omega 3:17
7 To Dismantle the Architect (The Meeting) 3:26
8 The Cleansing Apparatus 3:07
9 The Glorious Fall 7:22
10 Aural Apocalypse 1:20