Replica Sun Machine (2008)
10 years ago May 12, 2008
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Replica Sun Machine is the second album by The Shortwave Set. Work began on the album shortly after the release of The Debt Collection. In an interview for Swedish television, singer and songwriter Andrew Pettitt said that by February 2007 the album was completed as far as they were concerned. However, around this time, Danger Mouse heard they were working on a new album, and offered to produce it for them. This led to The Shortwave Set delaying release of the

album in order to accommodate Danger Mouse's busy schedule.

Production with Danger Mouse began in May 2007. The group kept in touch with their fan base during this time in Los Angeles via a series of posts on their myspace blog. Their return in July was followed by a long 'radio silence', during which time they left their then current record label Independiente Records, and signed with Wall of Sound to produce Replica Sun Machine.

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1 Harmonia 2:54
2 Glitches 'n' Bugs 3:28
3 Replica 4:45
4 House of Lies 3:29
5 Now Til '69 4:28
6 Distant Daze 2:03
7 No Social 2:53
8 Yesterdays to Come 3:50
9 I Know 4:15
10 Sun Machine 4:05
11 The Downer Song 3:04