The Ruby Suns (2006)
11 years ago 2006
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The Ruby Suns is the first full-length album released by the New Zealand based band The Ruby Suns. The band was originally called Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns and the album was released with this title in New Zealand on Lil' Chief Records. The album has subsequently been released in the UK on Memphis Industries in 2006 and in Australia on Popfrenzy in 2007 with different art, and the title truncated to reflect the band's new name. The 2007 Australian release of

the album contains two bonus tracks, both of which are from a self-pressed single by the band in 2007.

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1 Trees Like Kids 1:12
2 Sleep in the Garden 1:43
3 Maasai Mara 3:07
4 Look Out SOS! 4:05
5 Function of the Sun 1:10
6 It's Hard to Let You Know 3:54
7 Criterion 4:42
8 Birthday on Mars 4:52
9 Trepidation, Part One 1:21
10 Trepidation, Part Two 3:30
11 My Ten Years on Auto-Pilot 4:35
12 There's Soup at the End of the Tunnel 3:01