Let's Be Friends and Slay the Dragon Together (2008)
10 years ago Jun 9, 2008
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Let's Be Friends and Slay the Dragon Together2008


Let's Be Friends... and Slay the Dragon Together, commonly referred to as Let's Be Friends, is Suburban Legends' fourth album, released on July 10, 2008. During the run up to its release some members of the band had shared information about the album, notably announcing that the band will be bringing back some of the ska sound it had left in 2006 with its EP, Dance Like Nobody's Watching. Unlike previous album Infectious which explored many different

styles and genres, Let's Be Friends is much more focused while mixing elements of previous albums.

The album, based on the theme of 'Let's Be Friends', features the members representing styles of music on the cover, with Vincent Walker as a rapper, Brian Robertson as a robot, Luis Beza as a mariachi musician, Mike Hachey as a cowboy, Derek Lee Rock as a disco dancer, and Brian Klemm as a 1980s metal musician.

In 2009, Let's Be Friends was nominated for an Orange County Music Award for Best Album.

The album's final song, "Natasha", is a hidden track, and is about Brian Klemm's cat Natasha, as stated by Brian himself.

The ... and Slay the Dragon Together portion was also of Brian Klemm's doing, telling fans willing to listen that he had to fight to get it in the album's title.

Additionally, the song "Fire" is a recounting of the band's misfortune when they became the victims of a van fire and robbery while in St. Louis, Missouri. The band often mentions this after performing the song at shows in St. Louis, most recently stated by Brian Robertson at the 23 November 2008 show at The Bluebird.

The song "Villain" is a direct reference to the Joker of Batman and DC fame, mainly because Brian Klemm is quite the comic book lover.

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2 Girl's Got What I Want 3:22
3 Together 3:07
4 Polyester 3:52
5 Fire 3:40
6 Favorite Face 3:37
7 Unbelievable 3:26
8 Getting Down to Business 4:11
9 Villain 3:25
10 Took My Breath Away 3:44
11 Lucy 4:12
12 Don't Wanna Wait 6:26
13 [untitled] 3:26