MUSIC FROM THE MOUNTAIN - a Jewish Holiday Jam (2000)
17 years ago 2000
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MUSIC FROM THE MOUNTAIN - a Jewish Holiday Jam2000


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1 Time to Return - a song for the High Holidays
2 Holiday Shopping Bag Rag
3 The Sukkah in our Yard - a song for Sukkot
4 The Miracle - the story of Chanukah in song
5 It's Chanukah - Ole'
6 Plant a New Life - a song for Tu B'shvat
7 The Ballad of Mordechai and Esther - the story of Purim in song
8 The "I Ate too Many Hamentashen" Blues - a song for the day after Purim
9 The Passover Prairie Polka
10 Look into the Light - a song for Lag Ba'omer
11 The Fiftieth Day - a song for Shevuot
12 The Home - a song for Tisha B'av
13 A Niggun - a Jewish melody
14 Shabbat Shalom - a song for the Sabbath