The Greater of Two Evils (2004)
13 years ago Nov 27, 2004
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The Greater of Two Evils is an album by Anthrax. The album was released in November 2004 (2004 in music) on the Sanctuary record label. The album is made up of fourteen Anthrax songs from the band's early (Neil Turbin & Joey Belladonna-era) albums, that were released between 1983 and 1990. These tracks have been re-recorded by Anthrax's then-current line-up, led by John Bush. The final track listing was decided by a vote on the band's website. The track list was then

recorded by the band "live" in the studio over two days. The album was originally going to be named "Metallum Maximum Aeturnum", with possible plans to change it to "Old School, New School, Our School: Metallum Maximum Aeturnum" or "Metal Thrashing Mad: Metallum Maximum Aeturnum". The album sleeve features liner notes by Brian Posehn.

This is the last Anthrax release prior to the band's reunion with Joey Belladonna and Dan Spitz.

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1 Deathrider 3:04
2 Metal Thrashing Mad 2:47
3 Caught in a Mosh 5:27
4 A.I.R. 6:21
5 Among the Living 5:52
6 Keep It in the Family 7:24
7 Indians 6:38
8 Madhouse 4:26
9 Panic 3:34
10 I Am the Law 6:03
11 Belly of the Beast 5:41
12 N.F.L. 5:57
13 Be All, End All 6:28
Additional songs
14 Anthrax 3:25
15 Gung-Ho 3:32