Everything Is Different Now (2010)
9 years ago 2010-02
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Everything Is Different Now2010


Everything is Different Now is the fourth studio album from the Christian pop punk band Stellar Kart. It was released on September 21, 2009 at the band's live shows, and on March 9, 2010 in retail stores. The original 2009 live show release of the album, included a cover of Yellowcard's song "Only One", which was cut during the March release. "Something Holy", the first single, was released on March 9, and charted at number 23 on Billboard Magazine for eighteen


Lead vocalist Adam Agee explained that rather than focusing on more relational matters, on "Everything is Different Now" the material has more of a worshipful flavor. “We had performed at a camp earlier in the summer before recording, and we really discovered that we loved leading worship for youth again,” he said. “So we tried to find some of the songs that were our favorites and wrote a few new songs, too, and that eventually became "Everything is Different Now".

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1 All My Heart 3:16
2 We Shine 3:53
3 Spirit in the Sky 2:45
4 Everything Is Different Now 2:44
5 It's Not Over 3:30
6 Rescue 3:05
7 You Never Let Go 4:01
8 Until My Heart Caves In 3:09
9 Like the Sun 4:28
Additional songs
10 Something Holy 2:59
11 Only One 3:04