Peter Gabriel (1978)
39 years ago 1978
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Peter Gabriel is the second solo album by the British singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, released in 1978. The album is the second of four with the same eponymous title. Guitarist Robert Fripp served as producer, whose influence on the album is evident in the use of Frippertronics on the track "Exposure". The album did not sell as well as the first Peter Gabriel, but reached No. 10 on the UK charts. "Mother of Violence" was written by Peter and his first wife Jill


This album is often referred to as Scratch, referring to the album cover by Hipgnosis.

This album was originally intended as part of a loose trilogy with Robert Fripp's Exposure and Daryl Hall's Sacred Songs (all three albums were produced by Fripp).

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1 On the Air 5:28
2 D.I.Y. 2:38
3 Mother of Violence 3:22
4 A Wonderful Day in a One‐Way World 3:36
5 White Shadow 5:19
6 Indigo 3:33
7 Animal Magic 3:29
8 Exposure 4:17
9 Flotsam and Jetsam 2:22
10 Perspective 3:29
11 Home Sweet Home 4:40