Life Fantastic (2011)
7 years ago May 5, 2011
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Life Fantastic is the fourth album by the experimental indie rock band Man Man. The album was produced by Mike Mogis, marking the first time the band has worked with an outside producer. Pitchfork called the album "by far their most tasteful and well-produced record to date," with the band having "dialed down the wacky factor" in favor of a cleaner, darker and more autobiographical tone, demonstrated in their lyrics with references to self-mutilation and emotionally

taxing relationships. Honus stated that they desired to acquire a sound that he felt they had lost since before they became Man Man, and said to "rectify" this that they went on several Creative Commons websites to find songs they felt had the poignant sting of their proto-sound.

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1 Knuckle Down 3:07
2 Piranhas Club 3:51
3 Steak Knives 3:26
4 Dark Arts 3:49
5 Haute Tropique 3:51
6 Shameless 6:45
7 Spooky Jookie 4:20
8 Eel Bros 50
9 Bangkok Necktie 2:51
10 Life Fantastic 4:43
11 Oh, La Brea 4:47