Arabia Mountain (2011)
8 years ago Jun 7, 2011
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Arabia Mountain is the sixth studio album by American garage punk band Black Lips, released on June 7, 2011. The album was written and recorded over a nine-month stretch from March 2010 to January 2011. Lockett Pundt produced "Bicentennial Man" and "Go Out and Get It", while Mark Ronson was responsible for producing the rest. The production by Ronson was conducted first in a Brooklyn studios, but completed in Black Lips' hometown of Atlanta due to time constraints. The music

video for the first single, "Go Out and Get It", was released on March 2. The music video for the second single, "Modern Art", was released on April 5. "New Direction" was leaked to the public by Rolling Stone on May 16. The music video for "Raw Meat" was chosen by Pitchfork in The Top Music Videos of 2011.

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1 Family Tree 2:37
2 Modern Art 2:04
3 Spidey’s Curse 2:49
4 Mad Dog 2:02
5 Mr. Driver 2:49
6 Bicentennial Man 2:19
7 Go Out and Get It 1:55
8 Raw Meat 1:48
9 Bone Marrow 2:52
10 The Lie 3:13
11 Time 2:46
12 Dumpster Dive 2:23
13 New Direction 2:29
14 Noc‐A‐Homa 2:00
15 Don’t Mess My Baby 2:45
16 You Keep on Running 4:27