The Mile End Sessions (2010)
9 years ago Sep 14, 2010
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The Mile End Sessions is the seventh album by solo artist David Usher. It was released on September 14, 2010 and is composed mostly of previously released songs re-recorded in acoustic arrangements. It was produced by Jonathan Gallivan, who also plays guitar on the album. The album also includes a French track that features Marie-Mai called "Je repars", which is Usher's first French language recording. It was the first single from the album and charted in the top 10 in

Québec. The other new songs on the album are "Fall To Pieces" and "Sparkle And Shine".

Usher has said that the album title "is a nod to my neighbourhood in Montréal — Mile End... where these songs were re-shaped and where much of the album was made."

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1 Alone in the Universe (acoustic) 3:11
2 Everyday Things (acoustic) feat. Cœur de pirate 2:55
3 The Music (acoustic) 3:25
4 Prelude (acoustic) 55
5 Fall to Pieces 4:13
6 Je repars avec Marie‐Mai 4:07
7 Sparkle and Shine (acoustic) 2:39
8 St. Lawrence River (acoustic) 4:13
9 My Way Out (acoustic) 3:29
10 Black Black Heart (acoustic) 3:27
11 And So We Run (acoustic) 3:35
12 I’m Coming Down (acoustic) 4:08
13 Je repars (radio remix) avec Marie‐Mai 4:08
Additional songs
14 Kill the Lights (Mile End mix) 3:53
15 Kill the Lights (acoustic) 3:53
16 Tous ces petits gestes (radio remix) 2:59
17 Everyday Things (radio remix) feat. Cœur de pirate 3:00