Music for 'Fragments from the Inside' is an album consisting of music composed and performed by Harold Budd and Eraldo Bernocchi for an installation at the Palazzo Delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea in Italy. The exhibit was created by poet Mara Bressi and videographer Patulia Mattioli, combining visual elements with Budd and Bernocchi's music. The music was published on a CD enclosed in a digipak. Read more at Wikipedia

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1 Don't Go Where I Can't Find You 4:54
2 Losing My Breath 4:04
3 Winter Garden 4:46
4 Entangled 4:19
5 Harmony and the Play of Light 5:34
6 Heavy Heart Some More 4:46
7 White Ceramic 3:01
8 Stay With Me 5:20
9 South of Heaven 6:45
10 Dream On 3:54