Baddi Eesh (2005)
12 years ago 2005
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Baddi Eesh (Arabic: بدي عيش‎) (English: I Want To Live) is the second studio album released by Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. Released in early 2005, the album brought Haifa to global recognition and caused major controversies in the Arab World due to its explicit sexual and provocative tone. Baddi Eesh follows the head-turning debut of Haifa, Houwa El-Zaman, with bigger production and more promotion. For the album, Haifa worked with several well-known singers and

songwriters including Elias El Rahbani, which wrote the album's title track.

Promotion was majorly through music videos, airplay, TV appearances and concerts. Haifa also appeared in 2006 reality tv show Al Wadi (The Valley) alongside other Arab celebrities, where she performed hits from the album including her biggest success to date, "Ragab," "Fakerni" and "Badi Eesh."

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1 Ana Haifa 4:04
2 Bahebbak Hob 3:58
3 Ma Khadtesh Bali 4:10
4 Tegi Ezzai 3:55
5 Ya Hayat Albi 4:11
6 Bahebbak Moot 4:56
7 Fi Eneik 4:18
8 Fakerni 3:50
9 Tool Omri 3:50
10 Naar El Ashwa'a 3:48
11 Baddi Eesh 3:44
12 Houa El-Zaman (remix) 4:03
13 Ragab 3:25