Lop Lop (2011)
6 years ago 2011-12
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Lop Lop is an album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow. The title is a reference to Loplop, a bird-like alter ego of dada and surrealist Max Ernst. The label says that Lop Lop is "a step in a new direction" and that "synths and guitars scream and sing in a way which allows them to be heard through all the oppressive noise". The album was announced when a short trailer featuring the track "Canaanda" was posted to YouTube "Madoromi" means to doze or nap in Japanese, "Hakutouwashi" means Bald Eagle. "Sujata & Asoka" are common Indian names. Read more at Wikipedia

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1 Canaanda 22:36
2 Madoromi 21:55
3 My voice at the pace of drifting clouds 22:40
4 Sujata & Askoa 14:09
5 EQ 16:55
6 2 Guitars 14:14