The Explorer (1996)
22 years ago 1996
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The Explorer is the second studio album of Swedish singer-songwriter E-Type which was released in 25 October 1996. It contains hit songs "Calling Your Name", "Back In the Loop" and "I Just Wanna Be With You". Its first single "Free Like A Flying Demon" got huge airplay in the US radios back in 1997, To date is the most played song by E-Type in the US radio stations. Album peaked # 60 in the US Billboard Hot-200 Albums Chart (Total weeks 19) In the UK "Calling Your Name" was the

first single release reaching Top-10 in the Club charts. This track got MTV's attention in the US and peaked # 17 US Billboard Hot-100 Singles Chart and received lots of airplay in US Television and Radio stations.

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1 The Explorer 1:10
2 Calling Your Name 3:37
3 Back in the Loop 3:26
4 I Just Wanna Be With You 3:51
5 Free Like a Flying Demon 3:35
6 You Know 3:57
7 Forever Wild 3:41
8 Fall From the Sky 3:25
9 I'm Not Alone 4:34
10 We Gotta Go 3:25
11 You Will Always Be a Part of Me 4:06
12 So Dem a Com (Explorer version) 4:48