Head First (1983)
35 years ago 1983-05
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Head First was the 15th studio album from British rock band Uriah Heep. It was released in 1983, on Gerry Bron's UK label Bronze Records. The album was recorded by the line-up responsible for the previous year's Abominog, but this time with a greater proportion of the songs written by the band members. Bob Daisley left the group shortly after the album's recording to rejoin Ozzy Osbourne; on the Head First tour former Heep bassist Trevor Bolder rejoined the band,

effectively replacing his replacement, and remained with the band until his death in 2013.

Though Head First was deemed to be a worthy successor to Abominog by critics such as Geoff Barton, it suffered from a lack of promotion as Bronze went into liquidation the month after its release.

Video footage of the tour, from a show in New Zealand, was heavily featured on the longform video Easy Livin': A History Of Uriah Heep. In Japan only, this was also released on laserdisc.

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1 The Other Side of Midnight 3:57
2 Stay on Top 3:38
3 Lonely Nights 4:07
4 Sweet Talk 3:52
5 Love is Blind 3:39
6 Roll-Overture 2:19
7 Red Lights 2:59
8 Rollin' the Rock 5:27
9 Straight Through the Heart 3:48
10 Weekend Warriors 3:50