Autumn Was a Lark (2003)
15 years ago Oct 6, 2003
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Autumn Was a Lark is CD EP by the band Portastatic. It was released on the Merge Records label in 2003. The EP was recorded at Pox Studios in Durham, North Carolina after the touring version of Portastatic got off tour from the Summer of the Shark tour. During the tour the band learned several cover songs to "keep [themselves] happy" while playing warm up gigs at a venue called "The Cave" in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At the end of the tour they decided to record three

of these cover songs for release on this EP. In addition to the cover songs they also recorded one new original song, "Autumn Got Dark" and a reworked "full band" version of "In The Lines" from Summer of the Shark.

In addition to the 5 songs that comprise the actual EP, the CD also includes eight bonus tracks taken from two separate radio sessions (one from WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey and one from WERS in Boston, Massachusetts).

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1 Autumn Got Dark 2:48
2 Baby Blue 3:45
3 Growin' Up 2:59
4 In the Lines 2:58
5 One for the Road 5:00
6 NYC, Raining, 5 AM 55
7 Clay Cakes (live) (acoustic) 3:44
8 A Cunning Latch (live) (acoustic) 2:51
9 Bobby Jean 3:07
10 Don't Dissappear (live) (acoustic) 4:03
11 You Know Where to Find Me (live) (acoustic) 4:03
12 Drill Me (live) (acoustic) 3:10
13 San Andreas (live) (acoustic) 2:38
14 Isn't That the Way (live) (acoustic) 2:32