Let Love Rain on Me (2004)
14 years ago Aug 9, 2004
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Let Love Rain on Me is an EP by German hard rock singer Doro Pesch, released in 2004 through AFM Records. It is an enhanced CD containing both musical tracks and a live video. The title track is present in three versions sung in English, Spanish and French. "Let Love Rain on Me", the Judas Priest cover "Breaking the Law" and the Warlock song "I Rule the Ruins" were played acoustically with a full orchestra and are featured in the following album Classic Diamonds in

slightly different versions.

The EP reached position No. 65 in the German Singles chart and position No. 7 in the Spanish Singles chart.

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1 Let Love Rain on Me (radio version) 3:52
2 Llueva en mí tu amor 3:53
3 Pluie d'amour 3:53
4 Breaking the Law 4:22
5 I Rule the Ruins (radio version) 4:05
6 Rare Diamond (acoustic version) 3:40