Teratogenesis (2012)
6 years ago Sep 24, 2012
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Teratogenesis is the fifth release, and second EP, by American technical death metal/thrash metal band Revocation. It was released for free through Scion A/V on 25 September 2012.This EP is the first official release to feature Brett Bamberger, their current bassist (formerly of East Of The Wall) since the departure of original member Anthony Buda after the Children of Bodom 15th anniversary tour held during the first months of 2012. It is their first release that feature the use of 7 strings guitar tune to a concert Eb(Bb-Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb). Read more at Wikipedia

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1 The Grip Tightens 4:10
2 Spurn the Outstretched Hand 4:07
3 Maniacally Unleashed 3:41
4 Teratogenesis 4:06
5 Bound by Desire 5:34