Sings Homemade Songs and Ballads/Folk Singer!
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Sings Homemade Songs and Ballads/Folk Singer!


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1 Durango Jail
2 Last Cigerette
3 Pharaoh's Army
4 Bully of the Town
5 Love for Love
6 Long John (Long Gone)
7 On the Job Too Long
8 Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I'm Gone)
9 Pretty Peggy-O
10 This Morning She Was Gone
11 If She's Gone (Let Her Go)
12 Young but Growing
13 Pay Day at Coal Creek
14 Silver City Bound
15 Green Rocky Road
16 Down by the Rio Grande
17 Gotta Travel On
18 San Francisco Bay Blues
19 Wild Mountain Thyme
20 Goin' On Down the Road
21 Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
22 Lie Down Betty
23 Cecil Gone in the Time of Storm
24 Life Is a Toil
25 So Long (It's Been Good to Know You)
26 This Land Is Your Land
27 Yellow Bird
28 Kilgary Mountain