To the Gory End (1990)
28 years ago 1990
Album by

To the Gory End is the first album by British death metal band Cancer. The cover artwork was censored in some countries, with only the band's name and album title left on a black background. The image is a painting based on a still from Dawn of the Dead. Read more at Wikipedia

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1 Blood Bath 3:28
2 Witch Hunt 2:53
3 Into the Acid 2:33
4 Imminent Catastrophe 5:29
5 To the Gory End 4:45
6 Body Count 3:40
7 Sentenced 4:05
8 Die Die 4:50
Additional songs
9 C.F.C. 2:58
10 C. F. C. (Cancer Fucking Cancer) 2:57