Wild Child (1985)
33 years ago 1985
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Wild Child is the debut album from American actress and musician E.G. Daily. The album was released in 1985 to commercial failure however the following year saw the lead single "Say It, Say It" peak at #1 on the American Dance Charts as well as charting in a few other countries. The follow-up single "Love in the Shadows" was not as successful but still made an impression on the American Dance Charts. The album was produced by Daily, Harold Faltermeyer and Rick

Ramirez. Faltermeyer is a German musician, keyboardist, composer and record producer who is well known for his work with the soundtrack for the film Top Gun.

Despite the limited success of the album, Daily would release her next album in 1989, titled "Lace Around the Wound".

Allmusic described the album as a "promising debut", also stating that only 20% of dance counts for the album; the rest of the songs are pop and rock.

The album was recommended and rated as an allmusic album pick.

The album was recorded at Arco Studios, Munich, Oasis, Cherokee and Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA and Sigma Sound Studios, NYC.

"Just for You" was dedicated to Jon-Eric Hexum, Daily's boyfriend of the time, an American model and actor who died in late 1984 as a result of a firearms accident on the set of the CBS television series Cover Up in which he played the male lead. "Love In the Shadows" was covered by Celine Dion in French, titled "Délivre-moi", for her 1987 album Incognito.

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1 Is Anybody Home? 4:20
2 Little Toy 3:54
3 Love In The Shadows 3:52
4 Just for You 3:37
5 Hey There Rocky 3:33
6 Say It, Say It 4:36
7 Wild Child 3:31
8 Don't Let Them Take the Child Away 3:56
9 Waiting 4:39
10 Sunset People 4:34
Additional songs
11 Seduction 3:31
12 Mind Over Matter 4:14
13 Say It, Say It - Extended Mix 6:41
14 Say It, Say It - Gershwin Remix 6:57
15 Love In The Shadows - Remix 8:45